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What is the higher self? You will hear this term in the metaphysical community amongst teachers and those that have been working with spiritual development.   Your higher self has the largest stake in your development into spirit. They are important to the whole of what you are seeking and divining as we like to put it. We call them your Divine Self or Higher Self.

This being is your multidimensional self. The you that is still in full awareness of it’s many parts. You can think of them as a huge mountain with many facets of diamonds throughout it. Your consciousness is a tiny harvest of that very vast mountain. It holds the space you have carved inside of it, steady until you decide to return consciously.

You may have been on a journey in and out of earth life times but not come to the very sacred and real relationship of your higher self. Your seeking eventually brings you to the higher self and their knowledge. That enlightenment is shared with the Divine Infinite Intelligence.

Therefore, the higher self is a part of that divinity of wholeness. The goddess create

d you out of a “bone” or piece of this essence. You are released into the world of physical existence to become a small spark of that larger consciousness.

Your job is to find and align to your divine self by choosing to do so. This is what makes it a conscious choice. As you do this you will slowly come into the power and being of your authentic creation. Once your earth lifetimes are complete and you are in the love, you will return to blend completely with the mountain of divine higher knowledge.

As long as you are on the earth you are not done. You are seeking, healing, seeking and healing some more. Deepening your love to the divine self-helps you to be in the spirit until you are walking in it at all time. Separation is what you feel so that you may hunt for your wholeness with this consciousness. Otherwise, you would not wish to find the invisible love you know is there.

The higher self knows it’s essence in all ways but chooses to be creating on the earth and in other planes. It wants to be more, for the love of the creation itself. The higher self is an ever-flowing abundance of intimate love. More intimate than what you know now.

How does this help you? It stops the pain. The pain you have come so accustomed to feeling in the presence of your ego. The pain that you expect to be there because you only know separation. This separation becomes fused and healed with that relationship to higher self or divine self. You know you are not alone, you know you are held and then you are enough to just be. 

Here is a simple Meditation for beginning your higher self connection:

Deepening the love with Higher Self

Love is sent without constitution dear physical angels.


Trance Channel, Clairvoyant Healer and Spiritual Teacher, Lori Camacho, has been serving others with her gifts of clairvoyance and vibrational healing abilities since 2003. It was in 2007 that Lori began to spontaneously vocalize Raina, the wise consciousness she had memories of communicating with as a child. Together Lori and Raina have created many workshops, classes and writings. 

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