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Raina’s Alchemist Community Secret Facebook Group

Our private community forum is a place for like minded individuals to connect with one another, to find partners to practice readings on, to create friendships based on spirituality or to be a part of the developing divinity there. Access to the forum is granted with the purchase of the Sage Spiritual Foundation Course. We created this private forum for the more serious alchemists as well as students in the longer courses.

Raina’s Private Facebook Community

Our private facebook group is also a wonderful way to be a part of the Raina Teachings community. This is open to everyone wanting connection and to share in the Raina Teachings. Join us here for posts about upcoming online and live events and to be embraced by more of Raina’s love in facebook live videos.


Our blog is another piece to our growing community. Both Lori and Raina write blog material based on metaphysics, spirituality, life journeys and the experience of channeling.

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