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Private Sessions

Private sessions with Raina and Lori are available over the phone or in person depending on availability. Please fill out our form below to book a session.

Preparing for a Private:

Although Lori did clairvoyant sessions for 15 years, Raina has guided her to blend this into a channeled only type session. A channeling session with Raina is a combination of healing, spiritual development and guidance with the many areas of life.  Lori and Raina do not make predictions.  Although there is intuitive information shared, a session is to engage you on your spiritual path and learn how to effectively change patterns and live a more fulfilling life.  Future information given is based on your current reality choices and how this will play out. This can always be changed or altered according to the amount of responsibility and accountability you are willing to take.  Nothing is written in stone and you are the creator of your future. We will always remind you of your powerful ability to create alchemy.

Our suggestion is to write down a list of questions prior to your session. This organizes the information for Raina even if the questions are not read and gives you a reference later in the session if some things are not covered.  Raina will always begin with something on her own. At a certain point you will participate in your session by either asking questions or responding to what is being channeled. Plan on a very relaxed but informative healing experience.

Group Sessions:

A small group session is available for up to 10 people depending on Lori’s availability. These sessions are a spiritual learning opportunity. It is a more up close and personal session than a workshop but is different from a private. You will receive messages from Raina about some private things but the energy of the group will determine the content channeled.

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