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Jill Thomas, Hypnotherapist

I had been a practicing hypnotherapist for over 6 years when I started Lori’s program and had enjoyed some professional success. But once I started her program almost immediately I got better at what I was doing. Whether the practitioner or the client knows it or not, Hypnotherapy like many healing arts involves a lot of intuition and when you take those skills up a notch everything improves.

Lori’s approach to developing your intuition by doing the work on yourself first in the Sage Foundation Course, is vastly different than the other programs I had tried with exponentially better results. Suddenly the bigger picture of my clients problems became more clear and I was able to help them achieve better success. Thus my business started to get so busy I had to raise my rates, twice so I didn’t get overbooked.

Personally, like any healer, I had my own issues to work on and with her and Raina’s help I was to achieve many of my own goals as well including getting my book published.

I cannot recommend her programs enough, they have literally changed my life and I am both a much better practitioner and person for having taken them.

Ruta Gillette, Metaphysical Bookstore Owner

My Journey with Raina began in 2012 when I signed up for the Sage Spiritual Foundation Program and Clairvoyant Intuitive Program. It was the deepest experience of spiritual and personal growth I have had. Lori is also very compassionate and insightful, yet firm and clear that whatever you do, be absolutely committed.

Today, while still on my journey, my husband and I are proud owners of a metaphysical bookstore in Sarasota, FL. My journey continues, and I am grateful for the training I received and the confidence in my abilities that Lori and Raina instilled in me.

I would highly recommend anyone who is not only curious, but serious about the spiritual world to take one of Raina and Lori’s classes. You will learn more than you thought you were capable of.

Ruta Gillette, Metaphysical Bookstore Owner
Elysian Fields, Sarasota, FL

Marciana Scott, Artist & Life Mastery Coach

Raina’s Teachings have been pivotal in finding my creative spirit. Using the tools and skills I learned from Raina and Lori; has helped deepen my spirituality, and who I am today. Whether you’re new to meditation, curious, or you’re looking to deepen your connection to spirit; this program will meet you at your level and guide you to your best self.

This was my first step to having the life I desired & deserved. Healing myself has been so empowering. I would not be where I’m at today without having done all the Spiritual Courses that lead me on this beautiful journey of life.

Marciana Scott, Newport Beach, CA
Artist & Life Mastery Coach

Laura Grannis, Clairvoyant & Trance Channel, Laguna Beach CA

The Raina Teachings Sage Foundation Clairvoyant Intuitive Programs have provided me with a solid foundation in spiritual psychology and emotional self-management.

As a working channel myself, I am constantly searching for new spiritual resources and communities to be a part of, both online and in person. The Raina Teachings material continues to stand out as the best foundation program I’ve found. In fact, I’ve found the programs to be so enriching that I have completed them four times (and counting).

Working with Raina is a very unique experience. Whether you are seeking to heal yourself, become more self-aware, manifest more elegantly, or develop your psychic ability, I highly recommend you consider Raina Teachings as a resource for education, support, and community. As a channel myself, I must say, Raina is an extraordinarily strong and unique presence. I can feel her love and wisdom immediately begin to enter my field and my body as the recordings begin, her energy blending with mine to create deep healing and opening. There have been times that Raina has spoken to me in remarkably perceptive ways that revealed astounding truths about private workings in my life that I had never spoken about. Her loving words have helped me heal and change beyond what I believed could be possible.

Lori Camacho is one of the most gifted channels in this day and age that I have had the pleasure of working with. It is a privilege to have trained with her. Raina has been instrumental in my healing and spiritual development as a channel, healer, and psychic. I’m grateful beyond words for how this material has changed my life.

Laura Grannis,
Clairvoyant & Trance Channel,
Laguna Beach CA

Monique Belfanti, M.H.A.

I was referred to master teacher Lori Camacho by a trusted advisor in 2011, and after learning about her teaching philosophy, methods and journey as a light-worker with Raina, I knew this program would be a great fit for me.

I completed the multi-dimensional healer 3-part program and am incredibly grateful to have had Raina’s guidance and Lori’s mentorship along my healing journey. I began the program because I wanted a better sense of my life-long intuitive abilities that I had yet to understand, accept, or use in any meaningful way. I was seeking the full integration of my inner knowing of life purpose and my outer reality.

As I developed my basic skills and began to dive into my own deep work, I became even more committed to the path of holistic consciousness and expressing my highest self. The insight, skills and abilities that I honed while working with Raina have ignited powerful changes in my life. I’ve accomplished an incredible amount of personal growth through awareness of and connection to myself, and synchronicity with the people and world(s) around me.

As a result, in each of my many roles (mother, wife, professional to name a few), I began ‘showing up’ in a much more integrated, empathetic, focused, and connected way. After years of self-work, I’ve incorporated my life purpose and passion with my professional work by providing leadership and wellbeing coaching to executives and teams. I also share readings and healings with individuals and continue to learn through workshops and involvement in my community.

I highly encourage others to pursue this path of self healing and spiritual enlightenment through Raina Teachings to deepen their self-actualization journey and unlimited multidimensional life.

Monique Belfanti, M.H.A.
Multidimensional Healer
Wife, Mom of 3, Management Consulting Executive