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Sage Spiritual Foundation

So many spiritual knowledge seekers unintentionally skip building a foundation for their spiritual growth and it can make awakening feel so much more challenging and all – consuming than it needs to be! It’s like trying to build a house on loose gravel instead of having a solid foundation.

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“This is a journey into your higher self, the most important part of your spirit connection.” ~ Raina

💫 It can feel disorienting and confusing.

💫 It can feel like you’re imagining everything and you second guess your divine guidance.

💫 Your ego can get very loud and interfere with your spiritual growth.

💫 It can make you feel stuck, or like you’ve reached a plateau.

💫 You can feel LOST, desperately seeking to understand your life purpose.

💫 It can cause you to look outward for answers on the Internet when there’s a process you can learn to find your answers within.

Strong Spiritual Foundation

It’s not that you’re trying to skip the important foundational steps to your awakening process, it’s just not readily taught. We tend to think we have to figure it out for ourselves or “go it alone”. It’s like trying to build a house on loose gravel instead of having a solid foundation. But when you have a strong foundation for your spiritual growth it can:

  • Give you tools you can access any time to support your spiritual growth.
  • Help you feel more confident in your next steps.
  • Help you connect to your life purpose so you can stay on the path.
  • Learn to quiet the ego interference and connect to your higher self at-will.
  • Allow for soul growth within your personal and work relationships.
  • Allow you to continue growing and exploring for a lifetime.
Introducing the

Sage Spiritual Foundation Course

This Sage Spiritual Foundation Course is much like it sounds – a FOUNDATION for your spiritual growth. Hundreds of students have gone through this course, gone on to become healers, clairvoyants, and even trance channels.

Many also chose to stay in their current career but changed their personal relationships and professional lives dramatically. This course is the foundation necessary for a person to awaken to their higher purpose, no matter what that may be.

You don’t have to be new to awakening to take this course. Many established professional healers and intuitives have taken this course too. What they all had in common afterward was a REAL WORKING RELATIONSHIP WITH SPIRIT. An intimacy that only this work brings.

a Foundational study

Your Ego is not the boss of you!

The Sage Spiritual Foundation Program is a necessary foundational study for those seeking the roots needed to ground their spiritual experiences and begin a path towards personal empowerment or professional metaphysical work.

I remember when I was first awakening, discovering my gifts, even channeling in my sleep! I felt that spirit was telling me that I was psychic enough and I didn’t need help. Well, that wasn’t true! I did need teachers and to learn how to create a foundation for everything that was happening so suddenly.

It wasn’t spirit telling me that I didn’t need anyone, it was my ego. Our egos want to keep us safe and for them, that includes any kind of spiritual growth and change.They want us to keep doing what we know, even if it’s not what’s best for our soul and our whole being is longing for something more.

I sought out spiritual teachers and over time learned to channel Raina, developed a relationship with my higher self and I began to help others. That’s how I learned there is a process to awakening, steps we all go through, and being able to support those stages and understand them makes the journey feel more exciting and magickal and less frightening when your ego is screaming “No!”

Hear what Monique has to say about how the course helped her understand what is her ego and what was a “real threat”.

Monique Belfanti – Advertising Consulting Executive

“Help! I feel like I’m stuck in my spiritual growth!”

When I used to do private sessions, I began to notice some common blocks for my clients. Can you relate to them? Not knowing how to tell if you’re getting blindsided by your ego.


Unaware of the need to create a strong relationship with your Higher Self. Unsure how to access your spiritual support team. Feeling like you’re spinning your wheels trying to discover your Purpose.


So many of my clients faced these challenges and other shadow work misunderstandings. I kept hearing “I feel like I’m stuck in my spiritual growth!” and knew I couldn’t help as many people as I wanted to if I continued with one-on-one clients only.


I started teaching Spiritual Development in a group setting and it’s by far been my most popular class for over a decade!

About Lori & Raina

I’m Lori Camacho and I’ve been teaching the Sage Spiritual Foundation Course for over 15 years as a Spiritual Teacher and Trance Vocal Channel for a being called Raina.

This course has now been beautifully curated into a self-paced online course full of content to guide you to the parts of self that need healing, love, and connection, along with an invaluable bi-monthly processing group where you have access to Lori and Raina in a private zoom setting.

Learning to navigate these “part realities” helps tremendously with healing wholly and bringing consciousness into more advanced processes such as Clairvoyant sight, Channeling, Mediumship and Healing.

Raising consciousness

A course designed to create a more conscious person.

The Sage Foundation program is designed to create a more conscious person who is ready to develop more advanced practices. It is extremely beneficial towards enlightenment and personal growth. My favorite Chinese proverb is: “When the student is ready, the teacher appears.”

Raina used to say this to me long before I knew who she was or that my spirituality would become my way of life. This proverb is exactly right… When a person becomes ready to open up to their spirituality in a serious way, a teacher is a necessary component to that person’s path. Without my teachers, both Inner Spirit and Human, I would not be the Trance Channel or Spiritual Teacher that I am.

During my awakening, I was in pain, scared, confused, and just needed healing.
I had no idea I had a career as a Trance Channel, Clairvoyant, Healer, or Spiritual Teacher waiting for me. As amazing as that may sound, it was a lot of work and I really had to dig deep. I was confused as to who to go to, what to study, or if I’d ever feel better. At the time, I made a promise to myself. That if I figured this out, I would teach others how to overcome the struggle and pain that is sometimes associated with awakening.

The universe, my higher self, and Raina responded to that need with the perfect teachers for me.

Now, many years later, I have the greatest pleasure of my life; to fulfill my purpose and BE that Spiritual Teacher YOU are looking for. Raina and I have guided many people through their awakening process and have seen beautiful transformations. She also helped to create a wonderful community of healers, teachers, intuitives, and people who truly live the path of awakening.

Who is this NOT for

Spirituality is a process. There are a lot of programs out there that say you can become an expert in a weekend. Your spiritual path is NOT and should not be one of these things. Learning, growing, and becoming spiritual is something that takes time, perseverance, and focus.

If you are wanting a program that cuts corners, gives unrealistic promises, or deems you spiritual because you bought their course, Raina and I are not the teachers for you.

“This is a journey into your higher self, the most important part of your spirit connection.” ~ Raina

What You Will Receive Inside The Sage Spiritual Foundation Course:

This is a self-paced course digital course that can be done in 7 weeks and is a lifelong tool that can be used over and over again. You will have lifetime access and can re-visit the course anytime in your account. I still do many of these meditations myself as my healing arises.


Monthly online Q&A with Lori and Raina is also included where a majority of your processing of the work will go on. This group meets bi-monthly for 4 months at a time, takes a break, and then meets again for another 4 months.


You can attend the processing group or watch the archived videos. Bring your questions and your writings! You can also submit your questions ahead if you aren’t able to come to the processing group.

7 Modules

Module 1: The Four Faces of the Ego
Module 2: Conception, Pregnancy, and Birth
Module 3: Receiving the Spheres (shadow work)
Module 4: The Difference Between Soul & Spirit
Module 5: What Are Past Lives And Why Are They Important?
Module 6: Future Self Realities
Module 7: Higher Self Culmination

Are you wondering if this is for you?

My students have had success in every area of their lives no matter what industry they are in. You see, this program is not just about becoming a healer. This is about creating an in-depth relationship to your spirituality and ALLOWING your purpose to unfold in that process.

My students are in many industries. Anywhere from fashion in the corporate world, to stay-at-home moms, to even therapists and of course Intuitive Healers! One woman transformed herself in her corporate position and began teaching meditation in big group seminars to all of the employees!

Another incredible lady was able to get off of most of her western meds after a life-long illness and depression. She even became a trance channel and healer herself. She was so good I hired her to do readings at one of my metaphysical bookstores! I remember a man that took the program and didn’t consider himself to be very intuitive. He discovered his gifts and started a healing program in his chiropractic practice.

I’ve had countless psychotherapists and nurses go through the course and better their ability to help others.

Hear what Marciana says about her experience with the Sage Spiritual Foundation Course:

Marciana – Artist and Life Mastery Coach

How do you know you’re ready?

This program works BEST with 3 types of people:

#Type 1- “I am just starting out, have worked with basic meditation but am seeking more out of my spiritual path. I want to discover my purpose.”

You have been on your path for a bit, but are seeking DEPTH. You know you have a purpose and you want to find it.

Imagine being able to access spirit at will and meditate anytime you want and actually receive answers! Your purpose will UNFOLD and come to you instead of you wishing you could be something more.

Type #2- “I Just Need to HEAL my depression, anxiety, physical disease, and everything else that’s going wrong.” This was the type I was. You may have depression, anxiety, or even a physical illness.

You’ve gone down the psychologist road or you know that you need something else. You are having spiritual experiences you don’t understand and know that traditional therapy may label you rather than helping you. THIS COURSE IS FOR YOU.

Hear what Laura has to say about her own healing that happened as a result of the program:

Laura Grannis – Clairvoyant Healer

Picture yourself guiding your own healing on a daily basis rather than someone else that may or may not get what you’re going through. Imagine your depression disappearing and becoming the greatest gift you could ever have thought possible.

Type #3- “I am already a healer or Intuitive but realize that being psychic or performing the “DOING PART” isn’t enough for me or my clients.”

Trust me. I did this and quickly realized I needed more to help a person. You may also be very naturally intuitive but need direction. You may have a deeper purpose with healing than what you’ve discovered so far. Let yourself be guided even deeper into what your higher self has for you.

Imagine growing spiritually so much that your life just reflects that and clients can’t wait to meet you. You will be able to raise your prices because you have a process that you KNOW will help a person. Hear what Jill has to say about how this program helped in her Hypnotherapy practice:

Jill Thomas – Hypnotherapist & Author

Do you fall into one of these categories?

If you’re tired of the BS, ready to find your purpose, heal yourself at the soul level and become a pillar of light in this world, then this course is for you.



One Time Payment (Save $200)

  • Module 1: The Four Faces of the Ego
  • Module 2: Conception, Pregnancy, and Birth
  • Module 3: Receiving the Spheres (shadow work)
  • Module 4: The Difference Between Soul & Spirit
  • Module 5: What Are Past Lives And Why Are They Important?
  • Module 6: Future Self Realities
  • Module 7: Higher Self Culmination



6 Installment Payments

$200/ 6 months
  • Module 1: The Four Faces of the Ego
  • Module 2: Conception, Pregnancy, and Birth
  • Module 3: Receiving the Spheres (shadow work)
  • Module 4: The Difference Between Soul & Spirit
  • Module 5: What Are Past Lives And Why Are They Important?
  • Module 6: Future Self Realities
  • Module 7: Higher Self Culmination

Frequently asked questions


We do not issue refunds for change of mind so please keep that in mind when choosing between monthly and annual payment. You can read about our refund and cancellation policy here:


No problem. You can email your questions or put them in the FB group. I will be able to answer them and you can watch it on the replay.


Yes! We do have a private FB community for this course.


That’s okay! The processing group is on a zoom call and you can ask your questions there.