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There may come a time in your life when you become more aware of how connected we all are. You may begin to crave a connection with your higher self and spirit guides. In other words, you may become more spiritually awake than you were before.

As people grow their spiritual awareness, they tend to think less as an individual and more in terms of the whole.

They may become more conscious, as they say.

In this post, Raina shares ways to grow this connection, this spiritual awareness in ways that you can add to your daily routine.

Ways to carry awareness throughout the day, keeping that connection to your creations and sacred energy.

The first way to grow your spiritual awareness happens in the “in-between”.

Growing your spiritual awareness requires slowing down. Slowing down your routine AND your actions.

You can begin to grow your spiritual awareness simply by carrying the sacred from one routine to the next. Learning to create space between your routines.

You do this by inviting in the sacred (see: How to Invite the Sacred into Your Every Day Routine).

Inviting in the sacred invites in the feminine energy, the yin energy. Even if you do not know what “the sacred” is or what that means to you, you can still invite this special energy in.

The best time to invite in the sacred is in between your tasks, your routines, your activities. We refer to this as an “in-between” time.

Why should I invite in the Sacred?

What you are doing when you take time to invite the sacred in BEFORE you begin that routine, is inviting the feminine side of yourself to move forward into the routine more consciously. Thus giving the masculine the depth it needs to carry out the creative, mysterious part of the divine into the ritual.

This is important for men and women to do. Both energies, the masculine and feminine, need to be present when it comes to creating and executing tasks. Feminine energy creates, where masculine energy moves into the task to spread the energy into the world.

The moment you invite in the feminine, the sacred, that routine may change. It is the magick that is added and will create what you are asking in a most unique way. Sometimes the routine must change to shift into what you have needed it to be, rather than what you think you want. What you have been asking for with a sprinkle of “surprise”.

We try as we can to assist you in these in-between times.

Once you move to the masculine “doing energy” the creative process is over.

It doesn’t mean you can’t return to it, but your mind is set on doing. The ego comes in with the masculine and assists in bringing it to fruition more logically.

Those in-between moments we are speaking of, the time between each routine or task, is what continues your ritual, continues your mediation, it is mini-rituals that happen in a moment.

Why do some people feel magickal? Why do some seem to carry that sacred energy with them?

Because they have practiced the in-between magick for themselves and have continued to practice the in-between magick of intention.

The routine is important. Without a routine, we would never create. It requires both the masculine and feminine. It also gives the ego a “job” so that it stays out of the way of our creation. Once a routine or ritual is done enough times, the ego recognizes it as part of your life and no longer tries to interfere. A good example would be a daily chakra cleansing meditation. After you continue this regularly, it becomes routine.

We ask you not to forget the subtle energy of the in-between. That in-between is so powerful.

Like athletes. They think about, meditate, and in some cases visualize right before they are about to do what they do. It is magickal.

Some of you are craving a more spiritual connection to your higher self.

We’d like to give you two additional ways to grow your spiritual awareness. Two mini-rituals that you can easily add to your day.

It involves using the time when you shower and also learning how to stoke your internal fire. Both can grow your spiritual connection and your spiritual awareness.

The second way to grow your spiritual awareness is with water, during your shower or bath time.

Mini Ritual for the Shower.

Even during your bath time you are showering. It is another in-between time, an act of ritual.

As you prepare to enter the shower you are entering a sacred time of cleansing. Treat it that way.

1. Using your shampoo, using your soap, blow your intention of cleansing into it. Ask that bath time, that shower, that water to become sacred water.

2. When you are in the act of cleansing yourself say: “Cleanse my body, cleanse my soul, cleanse my mind and I am whole.” Repeat 3 times. Don’t just say it, really feel into it and mean it.

3. When you are done, thank your higher self, divine and spirit helpers for their assistance in your cleansing ritual.

You can even ask the insides of you to prepare for deeper creation inside.

Grow your spiritual awareness with fire.

The last way to grow your spiritual awareness that we’d like to share today is with fire.

Fire has been known to be a cleansing property of creation. It both disintegrates, releases, and creates. It purifies.

You have a spiritual fire within yourself. You have your own hearth living within you. It begins at your second chakra. It moves up through your solar plexus and moves up into the heart area.

Mini Ritual with Fire.

1. You can sit and light your own fire area. Light your own hearth, your own fire of creation. (If you do not have a physical fire, you can do this all meditatively.)

2. Ask that fire to cleanse the parts of you that need releasing. Even emotion. “I’m grumpy today and I don’t know why”. You can write them down and feed them to your hearth or picture feeding them to your meditative hearth.

3. Then you can say, “Purify my body, purify my soul, purify my mind and I am whole.”

This is the fire version of the bath ritual and just as powerful. There is a power in words. This simple ritual is easy to remember and use anytime you need it.

Don’t expect it to just appear instantly.

This is not how spirit works with it. We do it subtly because dramatically can be shocking for the system.

When we subtly reveal your creation and your next steps to you it is easier for you to integrate them and then you can choose with your free will to accept them. To move forward with them or to leave them with us.

Inviting in the sacred between your routines, showering with sacred intention, and stoking your own internal fire are three ways to begin growing your spiritual awareness.

It’s a way to learn to work with us and your higher self for your creations, your life.

Love is sent without constitution, dear Physical Angels,

Raina, Raina Teachings

Let us know in the comments how you grow your spiritual awareness or if you add this to your daily routine. We’d love to hear from you.

In Love,

Trance Channel, Clairvoyant Healer and Spiritual Teacher, Lori Camacho, has been serving others with her gifts of clairvoyance and vibrational healing abilities since 2003. It was in 2007 that Lori began to spontaneously vocalize Raina, the wise consciousness she had memories of communicating with as a child. Together Lori and Raina have created many workshops, classes and writings. 

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