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Every one of us is being impacted right now in some way by what is going on in the world. No matter where you are in your awakening journey, there is change.

In this video, I channel Raina so she can speak about the changes happening on a broader level, and also on a more micro level as to how it is impacting each of us.

“Every time there is a global change, all of you are co-creating within that. All of you are being asked to wake up just a little bit more.”

– Raina

There’s some additional information in this video for those of you who have made the switch to 100% remote businesses due to the pandemic.

I’ve also been affected in this sense because I offer in-person healing and it’s changed to 100% online. I’ve always done distance healing and have known you don’t have to be in person, but it was still an adjustment!

View Opportunity and Change in a New World:

Some highlights of this video you won’t want to miss:

Co-creation involves all of you. You are all co-creating among the pandemic.

Some of you may have lost your careers as you know it, while others have expanded, and some of you are learning to co-create differently.

When will it go back to “normal”?

Was I happy in the way that I was co-creating before?

What hamster wheel were you on day after day?

Are you still attempting to ride that same wheel?

Is God/Goddess, the Divine Infinite offering me another way? A new way to co-create?

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In Love,

Lori Camacho

Trance Channel, Clairvoyant Healer and Spiritual Teacher, Lori Camacho, has been serving others with her gifts of clairvoyance and vibrational healing abilities since 2003. It was in 2007 that Lori began to spontaneously vocalize Raina, the wise consciousness she had memories of communicating with as a child. Together Lori and Raina have created many workshops, classes and writings. 

*The companion guided meditation to work with the Divine Infinite, your Inner Spirit Teachers and Your Higher Self, is included in all memberships.

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