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Membership Benefits

Our Membership Programs provide unlimited streaming access to meditations, audio classes, workshops, select pay per views, access to the Sage Spiritual Foundation Course, archived videos resources, access to the members only private facebook group, and Live Q&A calls with Lori & Raina. There are also spontaneous channellings and live classes held for members only. When these occur members are notified and attend the online event for free. New Material is added regularly.


Why Become a Member?

The membership is for those that want a focused, engaged and continual growth path with the guidance of Raina’s insight, vast knowledge and direct connection with you through the many opportunities available in the membership portal. 

This is a wonderful way to benefit from both Lori’s experience as a professional trance channel & receive Raina’s variety of teachings and meditations.  

Each membership is designed to give you access to a certain amount of the Raina Teachings Material. Meditation and spiritual growth happen with regular practice.  Your membership will give you both practice and a spiritual teacher to guide you.

Join one of our three membership options and start your commitment to spiritual development  today….


*Cancellation Policy: Cancel monthly membership anytime. Yearly memberships have a no refund policy so choose wisely.

Membership to The Raina Teachings Library

$15.99 per month or $188 per year

Access to the Meditations Library

New Meditations Added Regularly

Meditations specifically for the Apprentice Membership

$250 in Value & Growing


$39.99 per month or $444 per year

All Meditations Library

Selection of Audio Classes

Archived Q&A Videos 

Online Live Channellings for the Magician Membership Only

Private Facebook Forum

$900 in Value & Growing

$189.99 per month or $2000 per year

All Audio/Video Classes, Meditations, Workshops & PPV’s

All LIVE Online Channellings & Events just for Alchemist Members

Full Access to the Sage Spiritual Foundation Course

Private Facebook Group Forum

$2500 in Value & Growing

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