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Are you a more spiritual person because you are a vegetarian or vegan?


Let me explain…

Food and eating cleanly DOES play a huge role in your life. It determines whether you feel good and healthy or it can make you lethargic and negative.

I’ve eaten all over the map in my life and especially in my quest for enlightenment. I don’t like to make food an all or nothing experience or place judgment on what is, or is not an enlightened way to eat. I will, however, give you an idea of how food affects your spirituality.  

I ate vegetarian for about 15 years.  Stopping the meat eating for me was hugely helpful, but I soon learned other ways of packing on pounds or eating unhealthily if that’s what I really wanted to do. As a vegetarian, all I had to do was add cheese, too much sugar and more cooked carbs. I gained weight and felt just as lethargic as I would have eating meat.

The last year of this I turned it around by eating raw. I won’t lie, it was the best I ever looked or felt. It was the year my professional channeling career began. I was guided to eat this way to give Raina (the being I channel) a clear pathway. I also met my husband and stepdaughters and started being a parent and wife.

Then I had my first pregnancy which ended my year of eating entirely vegan and raw.

Why? Because I learned that my body needed different things at different stages of my life. That it didn’t mean I was somehow “less than” because I couldn’t sustain the highest vibrational diet there is. It meant that I was human and my human body needed a healthy sustainable food.

What has stuck from that point on is to eat primarily vegan with an occasional cheese cheat and some fish. I eat a lot of raw fruits and veggies, fresh juices and balance that out with some cooked food as necessary, including fish.  I still do not eat meat.

Not because I have a judgment on it. Because I get high blood pressure and begin to have health problems. And trust me, I’ve tried adding a little in. My body just doesn’t like it. I did eat some meat during pregnancy because my body needed it. I ended up having a tiny premature baby and was grateful I listened to my body’s need for some meat.  After my pregnancy, I stopped eating it and went back to my part raw/part cooked diet.

The way you eat is not going to replace the necessity of exercise and balance in all forms. You can eat a perfect raw diet but be an alcoholic (literally I’ve seen this), and the result will be the same as a meat-heavy, unhealthy effect.

So what is best for your spiritual nutrition goals?

If you are on a spiritual path, you do begin to notice what your body can and cannot tolerate and what was not bothersome before, all of a sudden is very bothersome. Gluten and meat were these things for me. As your spirit awakens, so does your physical body. It wants to release and heal emotions. Certain foods are helpful with that, and some are not.

I’ll give you a list of things that are “enlightening” to the body and the things that will put you right back to sleep. I will also give you some suggestions for cleansing and creating homeostasis with your body and your spirit.

Raw Fruits and Vegetables 

There’s no doubt that raw fruits and vegetables hold a very high vibration. Nothing in them has been altered by us. They are pure vitamins, sun, and water. I felt incredible while eating this way and noticed an increase in feeling energy run through my body.

My emotions and the healing process really amped up. I was able to sustain it for one year. Having children wasn’t conducive to eating this way 100 percent of the time for me. Having just a small amount of cooked food helped me feel more grounded in my body. For someone that is not as energy sensitive may not have this issue. I still eat about 60 percent raw everyday. 

Cooked Vegan Food

This comes in second to high vibrational foods. Rice, root vegetables, and potatoes can provide the grounding you may need without needing to eat meat. I primarily eat this way with the remaining 40 percent of my diet.  The amount you consume can still bring on weight gain so make sure you are not overeating rice and potatoes. It is possible to get everything you need in part raw, part cooked vegan diet and feel healthy.

Organic, grass-fed meat, fish, and dairy

Fruits and vegetables open up your kundalini energy.  Meat, oil, grease and dairy slow down that process. You can still have these things in your diet (if they work for your body) as long as they are organic and not filled with hormones or antibiotics. I have even recommended meat and dairy to slow down a spiritual awakening if it was too much for a person. Pregnancy brought on a need for me to eat all of the above for a growing baby temporarily. As I said before I eat fish occasionally with a part raw, partly cooked vegan diet. But in pregnancy, I needed more.

Use your common sense and listen to what your body needs. This is not to say feed it every craving it gives you. Your ego will use food to detour your process.  Check in with yourself and decide if it’s a mind craving or an actual body nourishment craving.

Junk Food

We all know what this is. Candy, baked goods, ice-cream, fast food, substantial amounts of salt and even gluten free treats can be a problem. If you are eating dough and sugar, you are going to slow down your metabolism, your emotional process (which is why we do it) spiritual opening and overall health.

Antibiotics, additives and hormones in the meat you get at most restaurants, and fast food places fit into this category.

 I once ate this terrible diet. I was raised by a mom that really didn’t know better. As soon as I had my first organic salad at 19 years old, I saw the huge difference this made in how my body felt and functioned. 

When my spiritual awakening became clear, changing the way I ate became of utmost importance. I naturally became vegetarian at 22 not knowing why I was doing it. I also began doing my first juice cleanses.

What is a cleanse?

A cleanse is a break from food and all the things we put in and on our bodies. It is beneficial when transitioning from the unhealthy American diet. This can be as simple as a 2-day juice cleanse, or a more extended juice or water cleanse with added herbs to clean out your organs.

Dr. Richard Shultz is an excellent example of a natural doctor that has a cleansing program. I don’t’ suggest jumping into this if you are new to eating cleanly. Clean up your diet first and then see if a cleanse is in order. I have been doing cleanses about twice a year for 16 years. I do them when I’ve gone off track with my diet or when I feel I need one. I love how thin space is between myself and spirit during these cleanses. It is physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually healing.


Cleaning Products and Beauty Products

We don’t just put things in our bodies. We also put things on our bodies such as soap, shampoo, makeup, dish soap and cleaning supplies. These necessities can be very toxic if they are not made with natural ingredients. I have replaced all these items with natural alternatives. I have never missed the toxic ones and never looked back. 2 great organic, vegan and earth-friendly makeup companies I use are Organic and Green, IXOG. Organic and Green has cleansers, face products, make-up where IXGO is mostly lip products. I much prefer my natural make-up over the old ones.

As you can see, spiritual nutrition is about the whole body and not only your food. I highly suggest eating a lighter diet by cutting out any inorganic meat and food, including beauty and household cleaning products. Add a raw green juice to your diet every day and listen to your body. Spiritual nutrition is about intuitive eating, not extreme changes. I know because I’ve made drastic changes. As unbelievable as they can be, if you can’t sustain it, you’ll binge on things you shouldn’t go in the long run and then end up at square one.

If you are interested in cleansing or receiving some organic supplements and replacing your chemical make-ups with natural ones here are some helpful links:

Dr. Richard Shultz

Organic to Green


To be clear, your spiritual growth happens because of your choices to be more conscious about your reality, are willing to do the work in meditation and study. This can happen with any diet but will be much more elegant with a CLEAN diet.

My point in this is that in my career I have seen very clean eating raw foodists that are not very spiritually conscious and more regular diet type people that are very diligent with their spiritual growth. The clean diet goes with the spiritual growth but will not make it happen for you. You are the one that does that. If you want to eat better to ASSIST your mind in being a clearer space for your spiritual enlightenment, then you’re on to something.

Good luck on your journey to greater health and spiritual growth!

In Love,

Lori Camacho

Trance Channel, Clairvoyant Healer and Spiritual Teacher, Lori Camacho, has been serving others with her gifts of clairvoyance and vibrational healing abilities since 2003. It was in 2007 that Lori began to spontaneously vocalize Raina, the wise consciousness she had memories of communicating with as a child. Together Lori and Raina have created many workshops, classes and writings. 

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