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To be individual is to be divided and unified. You are all afraid of what “others” will think of you if you create autonomy. You are a divine essence that is meant to breathe and be this individual spark. You speak to the hearts of those that are like you. It is why you are here.

Fear is the reason. Fear of what you will look like to others, fear of being wrong, fear of the fear itself, fear of the unknown, fear of the boogeyman that only you have created.

Trepidation determines your originality; until you decide to break yourself free from that burden. What will happen if you bring out that piece of doubt you’ve hidden in that dark place; in the back of your closeted mind? What will it become in the light? When you pull out your fear and let it get burned by divine light, it will transform. It will transmute into something even you might never have dreamed for yourself.

Why? Because it then becomes a co-creation of higher self, divine, infinite. Your small self cannot conceive of what it cannot control or see immediately. The past and the immediate present is all it can draw from. Allow in the light that will illuminate a new spirit. Its direction will be guided from that point forward. It will become “enlightened”.

That is the point. Release your control, your lower mind, and its plans. We have always wanted to co-create with you. Don’t you see? From here we have the essence of spirit you need in order to evolve into your unique selves. You cannot do it alone. You can’t and you were never meant to.

It requires the one in the village that sees; the elder, the healer, and those that have lived first to tell the stories. They are here to teach the children and young ones to begin the process of discovering spirit through life’s small miracles and signs.

It requires trust in what spirit provides. Your world has given up on these simple ways of living. It has replaced it with angst and egotistical rule.  You have come to rely on the things you have created to take place of true spirituality and devotion. Come together again and give allegiance to nature’s balance. It will give birth to your independence; your reprise.

Humans create best when they are at peace. When allowed to be and to ponder life’s mysteries. Stress weighs heavy on your hearts, pressing down the innate creativity that flows. It feeds on the fire of your kundalini, leaving behind a smoke not strong enough to ignite imagination. Many of you are left to give that essence away to the illusion. To sacrifice it for other’s delusions and broken dreams.

Begin unplugging from the mirage and its fallacy. It is not real, and never has been real. Pull away from its machine that drives the media, the advertising, and the subliminal control that beckons your ego’s desire to be “normal.” It was all created to make this world seem authentic. But, still it is not. It is your facade. The one your higher self gave you so you could learn and begin to see through the mask.

When you get glimpses, give yourself more by coming inward for reflection and self realization. Then you can create within the illusion from a place of knowing. Awakening the truth that lies beneath the earth’s palace of plastic and clay. Be individual by co-creating with divine infinite intelligence. The strangeness that will emerge will be fraught with color and texture. It will be pregnant in the heart, create reflection in the mind, and feel powerful in it’s expression.

A heart that is unique unto itself has spirit to guide it, love to hold it, and boldness to stamp through the earth’s veil. It is not something that can be bought or sold. Oh, the ego world will try. This is not to say that there is not value. Certainly it is valued. It is simply not able to be contained or owned by anyone other than its creator. Allow the beast of unique creative power to reign whole heartedly within its maker, and to be shared with others only when they discover its energy for themselves.

You are all architects of a unique desire for greatness, passion, and love.  Insert spirit, and emerge beautiful gallant beings.

Love is sent without constitution dear physical angels.


Trance Channel, Clairvoyant Healer and Spiritual Teacher, Lori Camacho, has been serving others with her gifts of clairvoyance and vibrational healing abilities since 2003. It was in 2007 that Lori began to spontaneously vocalize Raina, the wise consciousness she had memories of communicating with as a child. Together Lori and Raina have created many workshops, classes and writings

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