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Channeling and Intuition: What is the Difference?

Channeling and Intuition: What is the Difference?

Intuition is the small voice that lovingly guides you towards a choice, or reminds you of something you may have forgotten. This is the voice of your higher self. It comes in feelings, instant memories in your mind that haven’t happened yet, knowing or nudges. As you develop your intuitive senses, you begin to develop a stronger bond with your higher self. This relationship supports a more spirit based connection to your life and everything around you. It is also the beginning of a more advanced process known as channeling.

Technically speaking, intuition is a type of channeling. Raina calls it “open channeling”. Some clairvoyants are aware of where the information is coming from, but some are not. Hence, it is “open channeling”. This means information is impressed upon you by multiple sources such as deceased loved ones, guides, or your higher self. Intuitives that are not as far along on their path may not be entirely sure where it is coming from, just that it is very clearly psychic or intuitive information they did not have before.

As a person begins to develop their intuitive senses, they become more aware of who the source is coming from. When it is from the higher self it feels like it’s coming from within or above yourself, but you are very clearly the source in some way. When it comes from a guide or deceased loved one, it feels like it’s coming from outside of you.

As the ability to channel information progresses, you may receive the name of a guide or feel a stronger intimacy somehow with certain information sources. This is when an intuitive may loosely refer to “their guides” as the source of information but still may not have an intimate relationship to them by name.

Channeling is what is happening when you are writing, painting, healing, playing music or receiving any type of inspirational message.

Not all channels are vocal channels like I am.  Some examples of channels throughout history are Leonardo da Vinci, Albert Einstein, Mozart and Edgar Cayce. They all had different purposes, yet all were “channels.”  Of these, only Edgar Cayce was a vocal trance channel.

Trance vocal channeling is a gift that is created through the regular practice and effort of creating a relationship to a specific Inner Spirit Teacher (IST). Through meditation and devotion, the mechanism of vocal channeling slowly emerges. The vibration of the channel has changed enough so that at will, they can raise their vibration up to meet the Inner Teacher through the crown chakra.

Once the connection is made enough times, the IST begins to use the vocal chords of their channel. This is a very sacred relationship that has been agreed upon before this physical lifetime. Wisdom flows through the channel until both parties sync enough to have the IST’s voice join with the channel and speak as one. It is a co-creation of both the channel and the Inner Spirit Teacher.

Both intuition and channeling are very natural processes. It doesn’t feel strange when the inspiration comes. It is a very high kind of feeling that feels good to receive. All human beings are channeling a higher energy source to be in their bodies. When we become awakened to dormant creative experiences such as intuition or channeling, it is only then that we realize that there is another source within us.

Can everyone learn to channel?

Essentially, yes. We all come to the earth for different purposes. Each human being has more than one Inner Spirit Teacher waiting to join with them and fulfill their purpose. Just like a human, an unconditionally loving being also has a purpose. Part of that purpose is to help their human carry out that purpose into the physical world. The key with channeling is to desire healing, spiritual development, and to discover purpose. Then an IST will begin the awakening process of their channel to carry out that contract. Not every channel is a vocal trance channel, but every human being is a channel.

I taught vocal channeling for 12 years, and what I found is that each person went on to discover their true path in life. I love hearing stories of what channeling class has brought to them.  One of my favorites were babies. Often, a woman would discover she was pregnant several months into class. This led to myself and Raina being present at quite a few home births.

In closing, intuition is a lighter trance state that involves a lesser intimacy to carry out the messages, where vocal channeling is a more advanced ability that involves a deeper trance state. They can act as separate things but intuition is a key to unlocking the gift of channeling.

In Love,

Lori Camacho

Trance  Channel, Clairvoyant Healer and Spiritual Teacher, Lori Camacho, has been serving others with her gifts of clairvoyance and vibrational healing abilities since 2003. It was in 2007 that Lori began to spontaneously vocalize Raina, the wise consciousness she had memories of communicating with as a child.   Together Lori and Raina have created  many workshops, classes and writings. 

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  1. I love this! When I started writing as I was awakening, I had no idea where the information was coming from, but it felt like a “wiser” me. I would wonder how did I know certain things… Now I feel like I blend my own experience with my guides and this post explains that relationship so clearly. – Nicole @lightupworklife

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