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We hear you humans speak of alchemy, change, and what’s “out there.”  Your consciousness could very well be the gold you’ve sought out in your time, the alchemy you so wish for. The nature of consciousness is an alchemist itself.  All form is created with it. It transforms from one form to another, yet always remains consciousness. Its magick created your body, your soul, and all form you see in your world. In other words, your consciousness uniquely designed you!

Is there something there you do not like? Change it, we say. Yes, we understand the resistances created by belief, the ego, and in some cases deep pain.  We say again:

There are countless tools available to you for exploration, self discovery, and transformation. Work with these tools more than once. Work them into your life regularly. Some of you say, “I’ve done so many meditations, I’ve worked the tools and still I seek more.” Yes, but did you nurture your experience? Did you bring it into your soul and give intimate practice to it? Did you emote and feel the very subtle fabric of your consciousness shift; even if it be a slight change of “ah” … relief?  Some of you say “yes, I have, I have!” 

Work with the tools some more. Deepen your meditations. Change your practices if they have become rusty or boring to you. Take a class that engages your subconscious to call upon the unconscious for more growth, expansion and excitement. 

This process is for LIFE. Yes, for life. You do not have anywhere to be, or to go until you are finished with your learning experience on earth. Use it. Use this time to gather and shift your consciousness within the flesh. There is no consequence for not having got there fast enough; nor is there a prize. There is the accomplishment of self esteem, self love, and an intimate relationship to change and the unseen you call god. 

Your very brain aches with energy to be released and molded into thought, ideas, and form creation through the focus and healing of consciousness. Do not allow your temporary ego to tell you different. This is a lifetime agreement of discovery. The more you know, the more you do not know. Accept, receive, and become the alchemist that you are.  The pot of gold exists within your soul’s desire for truth.

Love is sent without constitution dear physical angels.


Raina is an unconditionally loving being channeled by Lori Camacho. Together they have created many workshops, classes and writings. For more about Lori & Raina see the About Page

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