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I thought having a baby was one of the most transformative times in my life……until I hit 41 and began experiencing this new thing I’d never heard of:  Perio-menopause. Before I knew it, I was bleeding 25 days out of the month, my kids were all older and I was facing a mid-life crisis at what I thought was 10 years too soon.

It made me reflect on my past, starting at the time of my adolescence.  This female thing had never been easy. I had very heavy cycles, a lot of pain, miscarriages and a pre-mature baby. My uterus was clearly done. The year before everything led to this surgery I knew I was in for a big growth year. I decided I wanted to step out even more with my channeling, my husband and I bought another metaphysical bookstore and I could feel “change” in the air. 

My higher self began regularly preparing me for what was coming. I very clearly heard that I would be going through menopause early. I’m used to getting premonitions about life changes but I didn’t think they meant now. Within 3 months I was skipping periods. I also felt the need to get busy with healing. As in, myself. I knew somehow that it may end in surgery instead of going through menopause for years.

After about 8 months my hysterectomy was scheduled. I looked forward to it in a way but it got me thinking about this transition and how so many women go through it. It’s a rite of passage of it’s own and one of the best times of spiritual growth.

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The metamorphosis I encountered and am still not all the way through was worth the surgery. As younger women we aren’t really prepared for this. I know for me, I passively heard my mom and her friends talk about their hysterectomies but it didn’t occur to me that I might have one some day.

Now, in terms of health I was kind of just mad at myself. My mom wasn’t very healthy. I have spent a lot of time on educating myself about natural health, avoiding certain things and still I found myself here. After having children and being focused on kids and my work, my weight climbed and I know on a physical level that contributed.

What was more fascinating to me was the spiritual awakening that was accompanying the process.  I had a major awakening earlier in my life and definitely developed my spirituality. It was time for another so that I could go through this next rite of passage: Hysterectomy. It’s not menopause, I thought, but it’s definitely part of it.

If you are here, be gentle with yourself……

You may find yourself reminiscing and crying about things that happened a long time ago. This is part of it. Grief. Grief you may have never felt. Feelings you should have had but didn’t because you were busy with babies, kids, husbands and everything else that took away from your own self-care.

 I became angry about things I thought I’d put in the past. I also felt this overwhelming need to create change. Real change. There’s things about my work and my personal life I just wasn’t willing to continue doing the same. Spirit was calling for my soul to step further into my purpose. They were using this as an opening for me to see myself, my shortcomings and take the steps to create the future we’d been working towards.

This website you’re on was a result of that change. After 15 years working with people in person, I wanted to write and reach out to people in a bigger more expansive way. Boy was I unprepared for how afraid I really was of that.

This change triggered my fear and pain of many things. Raina and I created the Hysterectomy Healing Meditations to help me prepare for this journey. I also worked with my spirituality in a variety of other ways. I don’t just channel and teach spirituality. I also go through these things myself and do each and every one of them before they are presented to anyone else. I began my healing process again as I have during other very significant life changes.                                      

Here is a list of some changes and feelings you may become aware of leading up to and even after your hysterectomy plus some suggestions:

1. Concern for your Health- You may feel the need to become healthier. Such as food choices, exercise and even healthier emotional choices with relationships.

2.  Irrational FeelingsYou may feel sad, angry or out of control about your life, where it is and maybe some choices you made long ago. It’s okay, feel what you need to feel and cry it out. Healing is happening. These feelings don’t have to make sense or be about anyone else. You may feel broken inside, let down by your own body system and grieve what would have been a more natural menopause. If you kept your ovaries, you will still have part of that process. If not, embrace menopause and the feelings that come with it.

3.  Spirituality- you may feel the need to pick up your spiritual practice where you once left off, or learn to meditate for the first time in your life. You may notice your own intuition becoming stronger as a response to your changing body.

4.  Boundaries- You may want stronger boundaries with your partner or friendships. You may feel more internal and need to ask for that time to process and be with yourself.

5.  Career Change- Is there something you’ve always wanted to do? You may decide a career change or going back to school to learn something more impactful for yourself and others is in order.

6.  Self Improvement- Overall self improvement is a key component of this change. You may take up a yoga class or something that you’ve always felt could benefit your overall well being.

7.  Ceremony- Create a ceremony for yourself. I did this privately in my backyard and it was great. The full moon hit about 3 days after my surgery. I was able to go outside by then. (very carefully) I created an oil to help my scars on my belly heal and set some strong intentions for healing and creation. Then I sat in my garden and cried. The vulnerability for me in nature was necessary to my healing. We are part of mother nature. So it only seemed right to let the earth hold my healing body.

I may write some other posts on this as my own healing progresses. I’ll say for now that this is a process and may take up to a year to be able to really feel complete. Enjoy the changes that come as a result and do what you need to move forward and embrace this rite of passage.

Our guided meditations for Hysterectomy Healing can be helpful emotionally to the overall process no matter where you are in it.

In Love,

Lori Camacho

Trance  Channel, Clairvoyant Healer and Spiritual Teacher, Lori Camacho, has been serving others with her gifts of clairvoyance and vibrational healing abilities since 2003. It was in 2007 that Lori began to spontaneously vocalize Raina, the wise consciousness she had memories of communicating with as a child.  Together Lori and Raina have created  many workshops, classes and writings. 


  • Thank you so much for sharing your personal experience I am actually going through this mine’s begin October 10th 2017 I have already had one surgery done I actually had my womb scraped down as much as possible because of the lining I have to go back as of January of this year 20 18 to see do I have to have the total hysterectomy but I am ready and by reading your story have truly gave me some hope and I like to say thank you with much 💝LOVE and light #spriitualawakeing

    • Lori Camacho says:


      Yes an ablation. They did that same thing to me and I told my doctor I knew it wouldn’t work and I really needed a hysterectomy. I was right and had one only 2 months later. I’m very glad I did it. I am still having emotional and spiritual changes because of it. It’s been both a wonderful thing and a challenging thing. But I feel like I have more control over my health and my life now. Good luck to you.

  • Kenna says:

    Thank you for this post! I just recently had my hysterectomy (still have my ovaries). I’m 44, no children and have been thinking about the spiritual aspects behind it. For me it’s been about creation – an opening of that chakra as it had been shut off for quite some time (huge uterine fibroid mass), and became a point of great frustration, as I had considered myself an artist at one point, but let fear keep me from creating for quite some time. I too have been feeling shifts, questioning health & purpose and feel that this time of healing is a release of what no longer serves me, and a deep honoring for what is to come. Thank you again for posting!

    • Lori Camacho says:

      You are so welcome! As I went through this I felt I needed to write about it. It’s a beautiful opening even though we may not have wanted a hysterectomy. I feel much freer than before and all I do spiritually has really opened up even more. Good luck Kenna! Glad you kept your ovaries too.

  • Deb says:

    I am very spiritual and have been working on meditation and prayer and being in nature. My hysterectomy was very traumatizing as I did not want my healthy cervix removed but that was doctors philosophy. I am single. No kids. Cause –uterine fibroids. Great sex life and normal periods up to surgery! I’m in my 50’s. Hysterectomy necessary due to sudden fibroid enlargement and abdominal girth.

    So called friends and family were cruel beyond belief. Minimized my suffering. Grief. Physical and emotional pain from surgery. I had zero emotional or financial support and Internet searches talk about physical but I was happy to find this positive spiritual perspective. I plan to use it to heal spiritually. And view things more positively. I like the opening chakra way of viewing things. And new beginning. And elimination of toxic people who treat me with hatred and used my vulnerability to bully me.

    • Lori Camacho says:

      I am so sorry you had people that were cruel. My reason for hysterectomy was the same. Fibroids. I did manage to have one child but just barely. He was 3 months premature due to my fibroids. Surround yourself with friends that are loving and supportive. This is such a huge deal for women. I hope your healing continues and you are able to turn in into a positive.

  • Deb says:

    Ps. I really miss having my period and my natural lubrication although I do have ovaries. I am afraid to have sex with this vaginal cuff due to cervix removal but am looking towards healing spiritually to feel good again. Sex is empowering and a healthy part of life. This article you wrote has been the most helpful Miss Camacho.


    • Lori Camacho says:

      Hi Deb,

      Yes I hear you. There is a cleansing with the period. I don’t know how long since your hysterectomy but you’ll find with ovaries there is still a “cycle”. I know when I have mine but have to be more aware since there is no more bleeding. Having no cervix is a little strange at first but quickly you’ll get used to how your body feels and responds. It adjusts quite beautifully. I am grateful that the ovaries are kept nowadays.

  • Kimmie says:


    First, I can’t thank you enough for sharing your story as it has given me a breath of reassurance that my spiritual journey will not come to a complete halt (this seed had been planted by several) as a result of having a hysterectomy. I was a real fear that losing these organs would block my Kundalini energy growth. My story begins about 6 years ago with the formation of multiple cysts and fibroids. I discovered this when I ended up in the ER due to horrific abdominal pain only to discover it was a an ovarian cyst bursting. As time went on cycles were so heavy I became anemic and had an Ablation 2 years ago which helped for a little while. Last year a scan showed an enormous, fast-growing cyst, my C125 blood test was positive and I found myself being referred to an Oncologist who recommended a complete hysterectomy rather than just the ovaries. His reasoning? Due to the ablation, my uterine wall was so covered in scar tissue that there was no way he could be certain I was free of any abnormalities (I would have loved to have known this was a possibility when I had the procedure) Fast forward to today, I am 5 weeks post complete Hysterectomy, pathology reports revealed it was all endometriosis thank goodness. This being said, the stresses of raised eyebrows from friends, family and coworkers, surgery horror stories, questions from my husband regarding how will this affect “us” and thoughts of how to deal with the sudden menopause in the most natural possible way without the use synthetic hormones all seemed to stack up to such an astronomical level…it was overwhelming and emotionally draining. I will say that I have been more even-tempered, less exhausted, bursting at the seams with gratitude and re-evaluating changes I would like to make in my life. I also feel some time in nature is needed to release emotions. It’s so comforting to know that there are discussion posts such as this where we all just understand each other’s challenges both physically and spiritually. Again, thank you so much.

    • Lori Camacho says:

      Hi Kimmie,

      Yes, if anything you’re spirituality should improve. Almost instantly after waking up from surgery I felt a clarity I had not felt in a few years. That organ was literally draining my life force energy and now I was free from that. My channeling not only returned just fine but was clearer and easier than before. Ignore other people’s comments. They are speaking from their fear and not from their hearts. My ablation caused the same problem and was a problem only 1 month after having it. I told the doctor I knew it wasn’t going to work. She hung her head when I was in there only a month later. I am grateful for my surgery. I feel so free and do not have to worry about not being able to show up for a workshop because of unpredictable bleeding. Husband thing is not a problem. I use no hormones and sex is perfectly fine. Yes, you don’t have a cervix but really nothing is missed. Know that people speak from their own fears and lack of experience when they are negative. Let in the support from those that have been there. Thank you so much for posting. It was about 9 months before I had some of my major openings and at almost 1 year I am still having realizations and much needed healing moments. Just be in it when it comes and love yourself.

    • Deb says:

      It’s amazing to me how many people judge us on such a personal, spiritual, intense, surgery. I received no love You are so new to it. I myself have not had sex or made a year yet so I am fairly new also.

      I have lost cold friends and sister over this. My sister said horrible things as did a person I confided in. I feel it represents their own self hatred and discomfort as women. Others dismissed me, including doctors. I didn’t want surgery as I never had the heavy bleeding. I had normal periods but abdominal girth. Two prior surgeries for cyst and fibroids. I wanted to keep my healthy cervix but Doctor removed it.

      I pray I resume happy love and good intimacy as a single woman. Meditation, nature, support, love and positivity should help. Grateful for Lori Camacho’s beautiful spirit in addressing this significant aspect of healing. May our spiritual healing be great. Blessings.

  • Brenda says:

    I am the very beginning of this spiritual journey. I have been bleeding again non stop with extremely heavy/clot filled for about a year now. The doctors cannot agree if it is fibroids, cysts, or endometriosis….or all of the above.
    I am 46. I have never had children and still hope for some kind of miracle. The doctors can all agree on one thIng….that I should have a hysterectomy. Reading these heart felt postings has helped me realize that this would not be the “ending”, but a beginning and clear chakra health.
    Thank you

    • Lori Camacho says:


      It truly is a beginning. I’m glad to hear you have started a spiritual path. Continue meditating and approach surgery as a ceremony to release all your body cannot hold any longer. Although hysterectomy is not ideal, it is sometimes necessary. I did all I could to heal myself physically but spirit had another plan. Use this time to reflect, heal and really love yourself. Know this thread is here as you are going through it.

  • Angile says:

    I am so thankful I came across this. I’m thankful to know that it’s not just me having crazy feelings or urges. I’m only 30. Two wonderful children. I had a hysterectomy almost two months ago. Still have my ovaries. I have been having this crazy off the wall feeling of joining the service. As much as I would like to, I won’t. I know that it would be too traumatic for my children, and myself. I can’t be away from them for more than a few hours. I don’t know why I’m feeling this way (maybe a regret bc I wanted to join when I was 18 but my mom begged me not to). I know I need change, I need to eat better, get in shape, study harder etc. blah. Why are we cursed with so many emotions as women?

    • Lori Camacho says:

      You are so young! I’m glad you got to have your children first. I relate to you with not being able to leave more than a few hours. My son is 6 now and I can handle a little longer but that’s just you’re good mama intuition and love. Our emotions can be a good thing when applied to our purpose but yes in the interim it’s hard. Joining the service is just an indication that you are here to be
      “of service”. Search yourself for what else that might be and how you can be a mom at the same time. Much love Angile.

  • Keltic says:

    I appreciate this message you have shared. I had to have an emergency hysterectomy after childbirth and while it saved my life, I am utterly devastated about it. I don’t feel like a whole person. Like I lost my soul. I feel hollow and grief stricken. It’s been two years and I am still struggling. I lost my powerful orgasms and they felt like my life force. I feel so empty and hollow without my uterus and the pleasure she brought me. I haven’t had a really satisfying orgasm since and I am seeking ways to heal. This was a helpful message to read today because it gave me some hope. Do you have any suggestions for me on this journey? Thank you.

    • Lori Camacho says:

      I am so sorry. Having it done in an emergency like that would be more devastating. I would say work on acceptance and maybe do Raina’s Healing Hysterectomy meditations. I channeled those because of my own hysterectomy.

      You still have a womb, but she is in spirit and needs to be brought back to life in that form. It helps tremendously and may help you to receive your gifts from it as well. This is known as a shamanic death and is a sign of a healer. Much love to you and your healing.

      • Keltic says:

        Lori, Thank you so much for replying. I will look into the meditations you mentioned. I hope that I can find a way to reconnect with my womb spiritually. I must admit I am so lost on how to do that but I hope that something will shift for me at some point and it will become clear. I long for healing and wholeness. Thank you for taking time to write to me. It is so very kind. I looked up what shamanic death means and it was very interesting. I feel like I have died from this experience. I think that is why my grief is so intense. I lost myself and now I am trying to find it again. Thank you again for your time. <3

  • Kimberly says:

    I am headed in for surgery in 4 weeks. Any suggestions on front loading spirit pre-op?

    • Lori Camacho says:

      My suggestion is to work with the Hysterectomy Healing meditations. They are not expensive and were created specifically for just before and after surgery. Even if you come across them after the surgery, the healing will still work. If you have not had surgery it’s best to listen to the first meditation the night before surgery and the second one a few days following surgery. Link is here:

      My other suggestion is cry when it comes and don’t stay on the pain pills. Also, it really takes 6 weeks to heal completely. After two weeks you may feel like you can do things but don’t. Take all the time you can. Even after 6 weeks do not lift anything remotely weighty or you will hurt yourself. It was really a good 3 months before I started to feel like I could lift semi-weighted things. This is a huge transition and also very healing. You will be different afterwards. I think of it as a shape-shift of sorts. Much love and peace to you in your transformation.

  • Anicca says:

    Thank you so much for this post – it is the only thing I have read so far that speaks about a hysterectomy in a spiritually positive light. I decided today to book in for the operation in a month (leaving my ovaries). I have two children but also two chronic illnesses, and the anaemia that comes with the 20 days a month of spotting or bleeding is just too much on top of it all. It really feels like it’s time for this organ to go, that it is draining me, but I was looking for some reassurance that my thoughts were not extreme (although my Drs all agree). Others speak of feeling so much loss and grief, but I thank you for showing it as an opportunity for lightness and growth.

    • Lori Camacho says:


      I’m very grateful for my hysterectomy. I am going to write a follow up post to this because I went through a huge spiritual growth spurt afterwards. It’s the best thing I could have done. All the anemia and not knowing if you’ll have an accident is awful. Leaving the ovaries is great.

  • Markera says:

    I found this page in a search for spiritual healing for a tubal ligation that I had over a year ago. I am having peri-menopause symptoms and also realized I never grieved voluntarily taking my ability to have kids away. I was never told about post tubal ligation syndrome, either.
    My pregnancies were high risk as I had to have a cerclage placed to sustain them until time. My first born came at 24 weeks because of not knowing this. She fought valiantly for three months after, but…sigh.
    Everything I have come across says reversal is the only remedy for symptoms of tubal ligation syndrome. But, no where could I find if anyone used herbs or meditation to help. I am deeply grateful for finding this page and wanted to know if you know of any resources for those who have had tubals done and experiencing emotional distress?

    • Lori Camacho says:

      I’m so sorry to hear about your baby. Mine was born at 28 weeks. I’m sure reversal would fix the problem since it isn’t natural to have your tubes tied. Are you wanting to have more children or just reverse the ligation syndrome?

      And yes, I have had several clients that have emotional distress after a tubal ligation. From my perspective it seems to be that the energy flow is not open or going in the right direction. Your emotions are alerting you to fix the problem. If you want to keep your ligation, I would try some emotional healing for the loss of your baby and acupuncture plus herbs to see if that would be helpful. I think it’s both grief and physical in nature. I hope you find some relief.

      Lori Camacho

  • Macy says:

    Hey! I just turned 20 a matter of weeks after my own hysterectomy. Thank you so much for publishing this, it’s helped me a ton!

  • jennylyn says:

    I just wanted to thank you for writing and sharing your feelings and experience. I will be having a total hysterectomy on Sept. 11, I will be keeping my ovaries. I never wanted this to happen. I am feeling such overwhelming feelings of grief already. Knowing that my younger, fertile self is gone. Feeling that a part of my womenhood is being taken. I almost feel dirty and im not sure why. I am a spiritual women and your writings have touched me. I thought of asking my surgeon if I could have my cervix and uterus so that I can put them to rest myself but was afraid that they would think I was nuts. But I think a ceremony is essential. Im glad that there are other women out there that feel the same. Thank you.

    • Lori Camacho says:


      I hope your surgery went well. Yes, it is a death for sure. I had the same feelings about wanting to do something with my uterus but figured the hospital wouldn’t allow that. Ceremony is enough and very needed. This will bring up other past events that need healing. Be patient with yourself and let the tears come.

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