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How To Do A House Blessing

How To Do A House Blessing

I’ve been hired to do house clearings over my 15 year career many times. I receive a lot of  questions about this subject and wanted to address some specific things.

Can anyone do a house clearing?

The short answer is yes, anyone can perform a house clearing on a surface level if given enough instructions on how to do so.

The long answer is no if the clearing needed is more complex and a deeper problem. In that case, a professional clearing is in order. This takes a certain skill set that I’ll say not everyone has. Just like some people may be psychic, it doesn’t mean they are a medium. This applies here. Not everyone can pick up on the layers of a house. It is considered a more advanced skill.

The reason for this is that there are multiple layers to the reason a house may be full of spirits.


Depending on the age of the home itself, or what occurred on the land, there are imprints of events that happened there possibly multiple times.

The house will hold that imprint and will become active in order to repeat the imprint. Often the “ghosts” of the imprint are continuing to repeat their daily duties or behavior over and over. This is why people will often see ghosts doing similar things, or see them at the same time each day.

The people that have lived there and repeated the pattern unknowingly also leave their imprint, creating a stronger energy each time. The imprint has inside of it many different unsuspecting people including the original spirit or spirits involved. This requires a skilled medium or channel to break up the imprint and clear it.  I do this in trance with Raina. I have been in trance for up to 4 hours in very loaded situations during a house blessing.

Ghosts and Spirits

First, lets define ghosts in this scenario. I am referring to deceased people that are stuck in a time loop or house unable to leave or realize they are no longer living. This is what most people think of when they think of a haunted house. It’s not as scary as the movies make it look.  They are often stuck in the imprint but can also become aware of the living people in the house. They become activated.

Now, not all spirits will activate for every person.  One person may live there and never sense anything where another person will move in and all of a sudden feel they are being watched, see a ghost etc. Why is this?

The spirit is very similar to the person that activated them. In some cases, it is even a past life or part of the person that has moved in. Therefore, only that person seems to experience the “ghost.” The vibration is similar enough and the deceased energy finds comfort, fun or a way to experience a living body again.  When this happens, there is something for the living person to learn about themselves and then heal, so that the spirit’s energy can release. Again, it’s very complex and needs to be handled by a professional.

I often find that the person experiencing the haunting has recently started opening to their spirituality in some way. When we open to the spirit world, the spirit world opens to us. It’s quite beautiful really and following the clearing many times this person continues their spiritual process. The haunting itself was a way for them to experience an organic spiritual occurrence. This is what happened to me when I was opening to spirit as well.


We all have an array of emotions especially behind closed doors in our homes. If there is enough heavy emotion in a room or house it will create entities to hold the emotion. These are not deceased people or spirits in that way. They are bubbles of held energy that can in turn attract deceased spirits that also have that energy. Anger attracts anger, sadness attracts sadness etc. This also needs clearing and is the one thing YOU are in control of! If you know there was an argument or you went through a depression, (or are in one) some basic house clearing tips can clear this emotion and not attract more of it.

So Now those House Clearing Tips:

Sound- Meditation music, a drum or even your voice can clear a room. I like the drum because it’s loud and gets the attention of the room and all the energy in it.

Intention- Intention is powerful. If you want an energy to leave, ask it to leave. A simple affirmation you create that states the act of clearing or releasing should do it. Use your sound choice and state your intention.

Incense or Palo Santo- There are many different incense choices. I like Palo Santo. It’s a piece of wood you can get at any metaphysical bookstore. If you use incense, make sure it is real incense and not just a fake smell. The actual oil has properties in it that disinfect the air physically and spiritually. I like frankincense/myrrh combination as well.

Cleanliness- Is your house a mess? Keeping the house itself clean matters. The more clutter you have around your house, the more it will attract clutter energetically. Keep your house picked up and also clean. Use natural products as much as possible.

Visualizing- Visualizing a cleansing light sweeping through your home will do wonders. Just like you clean with a sponge, visualize a magick sponge with a beautiful colored light clearing your whole home. You can sit and do this as a meditation in one room. When you are done, the house will feel different everywhere.

Belief- If you don’t believe you’re clearing your home, your home won’t believe you! Now, if this is new to you it may be difficult to keep out the ego’s tendency to tell you it’s BS. Do your best. You won’t know unless you push that voice out of the way and do the exercise. You may be surprised with the results and how you feel.

Closing the Clearing- There are several ways to do this. I like to do it with a nice smelling natural spray I make with oils. I put my own intention into it and spray it around the whole house. It smells nice and creates a closing to the clearing itself.


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In Love,

Lori Camacho

 Lori Camacho is a Trance Channel, Spiritual Teacher and Healer. For over 16 years she has guided many people through the process of awakening to their spirituality.  For more on her and Raina visit our About page.

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