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That’s right, I’m going to give you at least 15 reasons why you should start meditating. But first I’m going to tell you why it changed my whole entire life, how I almost threw in the towel on it and why I’m glad I didn’t.

Okay, honesty first.  Meditation felt like work to me when I first heard about it. It felt like something I didn’t know how to do and quite frankly it sounded boring. Sit there and breathe? Yeah, no thanks I’m good.

Life Began Happening

Well, then I got a little older. I started to really want things in my life. I didn’t want to just wait to be blessed by the gods. I wanted to create for myself and I was tired of being in the waiting place. You know, that place where you complain about everything you want but can’t have because no one has given it to you? Yeah that place. I was OVER IT.  I was also over being sad, depressed and helpless. It sucked. Nothing else had seemed to work for long and I didn’t have money for therapy on a regular basis.

I did my first meditation. The first one was guided on a cd. I was annoyed by the person’s voice and fell asleep. I noticed that when I woke up from this meditation nap I did feel clearer. Then I did it another during the day while sitting up. I noticed feelings come up that I didn’t like but decided to breathe through them. If it felt crappy or I wanted to open my eyes and stop, the breathing got me through the feeling. I kept doing this until I could stay in the meditation for another 5 mins. Then another. I almost scrapped meditation when I didn’t like my arising emotions. I knew it was just my ego wanting what was easy. I stuck with it and am so glad I did.

Eventually I was able to sit myself through a whole guided meditation and then taught myself to do a chakra clearing. 16 years later that chakra clearing is still one of my greatest meditation tools.

I began to take responsibility for my life. One meditation at a time. I was a victim to my emotions and I just couldn’t be that anymore. This small step was really a miracle in so many ways. If I felt better during the day, I would keep myself out of bed and started to want to create things. I got my life together because of this one simple practice that I did regularly everyday. Then I started to do it at night too.

Not only did I get my life together but I began to discover myself. Things I had long shoved way back in the spiritual closet. I began looking at myself honestly for the bad and the good. I was able to find solutions and actually follow through with those solutions.  The result? I found MYSELF.  It led to me discovering my intuitive, healing and channeling abilities. Then that led to me becoming what I was supposed to be in the world. All because I meditated. 

Why should YOU start a meditation practice TODAY?

 1.  You need to help yourself in order to help yourself.

Like I said above,  I didn’t have money for therapy and might not have followed through with that even if I did.  My depression had gone so far I didn’t leave the house most days.  If you are depressed and need something you can do to help yourself NOW that is cheap, at your fingertips and easily accessible, meditation is it. You can download many guided meditations on different subjects from your phone or just start with the basics. This is a step in taking responsibility for yourself.

2. You want to create a dream or just more for yourself in life

This is a fabulous reason to take up meditating. Your dreams literally come from you visioning them in your mind. If you don’t give yourself the space to “vision” then those dreams will remain fantasies in your head. Actually meditating and using your imagination creates a pathway that will lead to manifesting it.

3. You are stressed out or have anxiety

Good ole stress and anxiety. Your body is designed to achieve mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. When you are doing something for a living that stresses you out (even if you like it), you need a space to release the energy. Meditation will give you that. The anxiety is being produced for a reason. It wants you to find a solution to the thing that is threatening your life. In our current culture we do not have animals to run from but make no mistake. What ever you are doing that is creating this energy, it is trying to help you achieve something better. Listen to it by creating a meditation space everyday. Your stress will lessen and you replace it with a sense of peace.

4.  Find Creative Solutions to Problems

Problems are part of life and are meant to be solved. Not all problems can be solved with the mind alone. Meditation involves your heart. Once the heart can calm down the mind’s tendency to race and want immediate gratification, a creative solution will often appear out of nowhere. How many times have you thought there was no answer and just as you let go, the answer appeared? Meditation creates this space all the time.

5.  You want a Natural Spiritual Practice not attached to any religion or philosophy

I felt exactly this way. I was raised with religion and never felt it was for me. I did feel a deep sense of spirit within me and wanted to foster that. Little did I know it would grow into what it has now. If you want to be spiritual or honor yourself this way but do not feel guided to a specific path, meditation is a wonderful way to have this. There are of course religions and philosophies such as Buddhism that use meditation. I like to think of meditation as the practice that anyone, anywhere and on any path, even if that is a non-path can benefit from.

6.  Emotional Processing

 Meditation is used for this all the time. It takes some practice, but is a wonderful release for stuck emotion we may not be able to get out. Specific guided mediations such as the ones Raina and I have created on this site, can guide you into experiencing and releasing an array of emotion you may not even know you have. A good cry can come out of a simple meditation practice.

7.  Physical Healing

When your body is broken, hurt or in pain and you can’t really do anything else, meditation will bring in energy to heal your physical ailment. It will give you something that you have some level of control over, even if it’s just your breath. Do not underestimate the power of meditation for physical healing. The breath work alone will get oxygen to your cells and blood, to rid it of toxins or disease. I have had the pleasure of meeting several people that swear they healed themselves with breathing meditation.

8.  Creativity

Whether you are a writer, painter, dancer, athlete etc. meditation enhances and strengthens the creative center in the brain. It engages your heart which brings you into the space of creativity. Try meditating before your chosen creative project. You will find you create more fluidly than you do without this practice.

9.  Energize Your Body and Mind

If you’re one of those mid-day crashers at the office a meditation at lunch may just do you some good. It will help you to energize your mind and body. After a meditation, you’ll feel as if you’ve napped for hours. I much prefer a 30 minute meditation over a 3 hour nap. I rise much less groggy and full of energy to finish out my day.

10.  Self Love

Oh my is meditation an act of self love, intimacy and caring for YOURSELF.  It requires you to become more intimate with your very heart. Initially this is why the feelings arise but if you continue you will uncover your self worth and love. If you’ve ever been told to love yourself, this is an act of self love like no other. Don’t worry, no one will know.

11.  Lower Your Blood Pressure

Yes, you can physically lower your blood pressure by meditating. I’ve done it in hospitals and doctors offices. Just focus on your heart and breathe deeply and slowly. We are often stressed just because of the unknown of the medical office visit or hospital busyness. If you have higher blood pressure, meditating daily will help you to bring it down during and even after your meditation is complete. The slow deep breathing is what does it along with a little spirit magick.

12.  Develop Healthy habits and Get rid of Bad ones

Meditation is a form of self hypnosis. Just as a hypnotherapist would guide you into suggested states, a meditation can do the same. You can listen to one pre-recorded, create your own or just suggest to yourself mentally during meditation your healthy habit of choice.

13.  Sleep & Dreams

Meditation is often used for this when a person has trouble sleeping or would like to enhance their dreams. This is a much better sleeping pill. I had a hard time sleeping as a kid and as an adult. Meditating changed this for me. If you meditate laying down with the intention of sleep, you will find yourself waking up wondering when the sleep part happened. There are guided meditations or music that are just for sleep and have special binaural beats to help your brainwaves find their dreamy flow.

14.  Enhancing your natural intuition

Although I would recommend a proper class for this, initially meditating will begin to develop your intuition on a more basic level. In my classes, it is all based on specific meditations. If you are very new to this world, just meditating alone will help you to have a clearer perspective which we call intuition. Even if you do not consider yourself to be an intuitive person, daily meditation will crack open this exploration.

15.  A Calming Tool When you are heated or angry

This could fall under emotional processing but it is a bit different. When you are in the heat of a moment and your anger is very present you cannot think clearly. Getting away from the situation and immediately breathing and focusing on something to take your focus away from anger is transformative. Your ego will try to steer you away from this in an effort to stay angry. If you can overcome that by walking away and finding a room to lock yourself in, you can avoid many arguments and resolve them just by meditating and collecting yourself first.

I could continue on here but fifteen reasons is a pretty good start! Now find yourself your first guided meditation and get started. There are apps you can download for this as well.

Here we have a Learn to Meditate Course and many other guided meditations for specific purposes. You can start by downloading the free one for enhancing your intuition at the end of this article.

In Love,

Lori Camacho

Trance Channel, Lori Camacho, has been serving others with her gifts of clairvoyance and vibrational healing abilities since 2003. It was in 2007 that Lori began to spontaneously vocalize Raina, the wise consciousness she had memories of communicating with as a child. Together Lori and Raina have created many workshops, classes and writings.

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