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Labor and Delivery Meditations


Lori and Raina have been asked to attend many homebirths to assist as spiritual midwife. These meditations were created for anyone wanting to have us “attend and assist” the birth process without being physically present. There are 2 meditations included in this course. The first one is used to invite in the ancestors, angelic beings, and baby’s soul early in the labor, and the second one can be used for deep labor, transition, and birth. The second meditation can be played continuously, or as needed throughout the birthing process. Play this meditation at a hospital, birthing center, or homebirth to receive spiritual assistance during this special time. **This is not a substitute for a licensed midwife. Please have proper help with your birth. These meditations are meant to assist in the spiritual and emotional part of a very physical manifestation.

Download now to prepare for your labor and delivery.

Included in Dreamer, Magician and Alchemist subscriptions.

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