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I’m in Maui right now soaking in the island and noticing the immense amount of spirit energy that is around me. The nature spirits here are much louder than they are where I live. They are also everywhere! Not that they aren’t elsewhere, but with so much vegetation, jungle, and animal energy, they seem to be more available and also more playful. I’m seeing them in the trunks of majestic trees, balls of lights chasing my son at dusk and even the water spirits in the ocean are greeting me.

The energy available is magnetic. The nature spirits are assisting with my channeling in a way I have not experienced before. They let me know they are there either visibly, or I feel them come in around me. It’s as if what I am used to at home in California is transmitted through a new avenue. These are all things I don’t give a second thought to when I go into trance at home. The difference is very inviting and beautiful. They seem to WANT to assist both Raina and me in discovering them, their beauty, and what they have to offer as beings of purpose on this island.

This is what Raina has to say about the nature spirits……

The caul of evening contains a thinner layer of spirit, beckoning the nature spirits to come out beyond the veil to play and be seen by those seeking their guidance and love. The plants expect them, the animals are aware of them, the children are delighted by them. They all carry an essence of love that binds the energy necessary to make them visible.

They need each other for their existence. Yes, even the children need them. They contain the magick that children find in their natural surroundings. This magick includes hope, dreams, remembrance and life-sustaining processes. They are not separate from your reality. Nor do they come from another place. They are, and always have been part of your reality. You can choose to attune yourself to them. Children are already attuned until they are modeled mediocrity and decide to un-see their truth as it is.

You are capable of re-attuning yourself to this most sacred part of life….

The spirits hold the essence around each plant, each animal, and each child. This agreement is whole and complete. When you are in an environment that has its natural landscape, it is more plausible that these beings will show themselves. If you are in a place that is landscaped by man, they still must exist, but their numbers may be smaller.

Find yourself in nature’s landscape, close your eyes and ask them to come and show themselves by feeling, sight, or inspiration felt in the heart. They can power down and equally power up their energy for your benefit.

How to connect to Nature Spirits

Bring them an offering. Nature spirits, elementals, and fairies love offerings. A silver necklace, a crystal, a small bit of food in its natural state are all great offerings.

This may sound strange to do at first. All spirits love offerings, but the nature spirits feel honored in their existence when you bring them physical offerings. It is enough to make the gesture. Work with them in this way, then sit in quiet meditation and draw them to you. Continue this until you make a connection.

It may at first come in the form of a dream, a feeling or a knowing. Allow any connection to be enough. Nature beings can be shy and need to know your intentions are pure and sincere.

What Nature Spirits Do

The fairies, nature spirits and elementals are responsible for pregnancy, gestation, the spark of a new love, reverence for all “other” and the miracle of rebirth in each season. It is not just the tree or flower you see out your window. Your own renewal and change of season are also overseen by these majestic beings. Native people understood the intricate involvement the nature spirits had on our lives. They honored them just as they honored Angelic Beings, Ancestors and god/goddess.

We have come away from nature and in doing so, pulled away from our memory and knowledge that is inherent in what lies just outside. Use your meditative skills, your gratitude and begin to blend with these beings. Our channel did just this when she wanted to create a child. Your health is also dependent on natural contact. Heal yourself by reconnecting with your nature spirits.

You will find they are different in varied places. If you are on a trip or vacation, go outside and connect with the spirits there. Each time you return they will remember your essence and your attunement to them. Once you are acclimated to nature, the beings will recognize this and gravitate toward your field. You need only create a relationship to them.

Environmental Awareness and Permission

You can also honor them by picking up trash and caring about the environment. Ask if a plant or tree wants to be moved. Don’t just rip its rooting out. They will work with you if you are going to relocate them or add to their beauty with extra plant friends. Ask, rather than do unconsciously.

Your very growth as a child was overseen by the nature spirits. As an adult, you don’t have to be done with them. They will help you to keep animals at bay while camping or hiking, or to assist in the improvement of your health. Individual plants and herbs are grown and explicitly purposed for healing the human realm. You can consult with an herbalist and ask to create a knowledge base of such plants. Raising and caring for them yourself is also recommended if this is an interest or a possibility.

Not only are nature spirits real, but very necessary. Remember that next time you go on a walk or go to pull a leaf or flower free. This type of spirit is more available to you because of their physical counterparts. Allow them in and breathe in the spirit of nature. See how they add to your life. You will never see the natural world the same.

Love is sent without constitution.


Trance Channel, Clairvoyant Healer and Spiritual Teacher, Lori Camacho, has been serving others with her gifts of clairvoyance and vibrational healing abilities since 2003. It was in 2007 that Lori began to spontaneously vocalize Raina, the wise consciousness she had memories of communicating with as a child. Together Lori and Raina have created many workshops, classes and writings. 


  • Alice says:

    have been communicating with my few plants and once a while feeding them base on your article am gonna do it often, thanks for the teaching

  • Laura says:

    For several years I tried to find out who and what was in the trees, bushes, skies, clouds, grass and flowers around my house. I felt them, I captured them with pictures and videos, and they were not malevolent. They left me gifts, such as a sudden burst of several types of mushrooms after I had placed a mushroom I made from a gourd I grew out in my yard. The next day was a hot dry summer day but my yard near my own pretend mushroom was full of mushrooms. Once they left only two, but they were right where I couldn’t miss them as I got out of my car. I was very unhappy when they came, and had given up on my situation. But their silent softness comforted me and gave me company and strength to get myself out of the bad situation. I fear the evening I go out to spend time with them and they are gone. Truly a blessing!

    • Lori Camacho says:


      It sounds like you communicate easily with nature spirits. They are all our ancestors and want to help us heal. You could automatic
      write with them and see what messages they give you.

      -Lori Camacho

  • L says:

    I have communicated with who I think was Lodyn but I’m not sure. The spirit explained to me how it work to keep the “holiness” of al seas and water in the world. I big task ans so on. Want to dive in this more but need professional help. Something you are interested in to maybe explore? Let me know and we can talk further about this. Have done a lots of research..but need help.

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