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Druidry is what you think of as a Celtic Druid, although there were druids all over. They moved to many different areas such as Germany, Wales, England and even Turkey. The term Druid refers to that time period of magick in many forms.

They were their own people and had their own society. A druid was anything from a scientist to a hunter, craftsman, seer, healer, astrologer, lawmaker etc. Each druid had their own speciality and all trained in their art from the time they were a child.

What set them apart was that they did not need outside society. The Druids did allow them in (which might have been their mistake) but remained a robust, independent society for a long time.

Magick was at the core of their society. Each druid trained as a bard and moved upward from that point. They were well versed in many different occupations, and all contained their lineage songs and stories. It was at the heart of their culture.

How Witchcraft Differs From Druidry

Druidry is often confused with Witchcraft as being the same thing. There is an excellent reason for this. They were both Shamanic, nature-oriented, magickal cultures. However, they are not the same exactly. Just as Christianity is not Catholicism. Yet, they have very similar beliefs. For instance, a Witch refers to themselves as a witch. A druid would refer to themselves as a magician or merely a druid. Same side of the coin but separate pieces of training and cultures. In our current world, both would be called pagan. That is another article in itself, but this term can refer to both and therefore makes them seem the same.

Witchcraft comes from Rome, Greece and Egyptian cultures. The stories of the Oracle of Delphi fit in this category. Witchcraft again, is quite similar but uses a different ancient language and has their own precise training under the moon phases.  

Druids celebrate the solar holidays and are very much associated with agriculture. Witches celebrate the Eve’s and moon phases. A druid language is considered Old Gaulish, Irish or Ogham, which is the Celtic Tree Alphabet, but it is thought that there is an even older language that may have been destroyed by St. Patrick. I’ve seen words taken from Norse and German traditions as well.

Witchcraft uses Sumerian, Latin and Egyptian languages. All these traditions are ancient, natural, and have a sacred language that they use in ritual, magick or workings. Similar to the Yogi’s using Sanskrit. There is an ancient power to the words used.

Both systems are archaic, and attempts were made to shut out their knowledge. Modern-day druids and witches are working from what is left from their Ancestors book of shadows or memories. There is no concrete written knowledge of either but especially with Druidry. I believe witchcraft has more handed down knowledge than druids have.

That said, I am a channel to a druid being named Raina. She is emerging in her truer state and is wanting to bring more of this knowledge through me. I trust when I am in trance that she is working this out.

I look forward to Raina’s Teachings more and more. Being able to work magick with our world and with our inner worlds. I have always felt my druid nature and am honored to work magick with our world in this way.

Raina’s Druid workshop was done during the Samhain week. Here is a link to this online workshop if you would like to enter the portal of the Druids for yourself:  Celtic Druid Era Part 1: Unlocking the Magick to Your Spiritual Ancestry. 

In Love,
Lori Camacho

Trance Channel, Clairvoyant Healer and Spiritual Teacher, Lori Camacho, has been serving others with her gifts of clairvoyance and vibrational healing abilities since 2003. It was in 2007 that Lori began to spontaneously vocalize Raina, the wise consciousness she had memories of communicating with as a child. Together Lori and Raina have created many workshops, classes and writings.


  • Nathaly says:

    Thank you Lori and Raina, I’ve always thought there was a side of me that I couldn’t understand; my mother would call me witch when I would come up with phrases or questions about herbalism.
    I lived a rough life in Turkey in the 900’s which I recalled in a past life regression.
    I found your article by “chance” but now i am willing to investigate more about my inner world.
    Thank you!

  • Christine says:

    Hi Lori,

    In 2018 I had a series of visions that made me understand the persecution of witches. I suddenly understood that many ‘witches’ were spiritual healers and had a connection to the world around them. Not really knowing what to do with this information, I was convinced I was a witch. I told many family and friends and definitely got some weird faces and feedback. I would explain that it is just like Star Wars, there is a ‘force’ that runs through every living thing on earth and beyond. A couple of months ago the word Druid popped into my mind. I looked up a few articles and found, largely, that Druids were men, so I let that thought go. This week an article about Druid Priestesses came on my FB feed and in that moment I knew my truth. I am a Druid. I feel that I may have had multiple past lives that I followed the Order and this is why I am having these visions of understanding. I have not been practicing but I now know that I must pursue this new path to enlightenment. I feel fortunate to finally have an understanding of what has been going on in my head for 18 months. The most amazing thing was realizing that my visions were nothing new. I have had these moments of clarity or vision my whole life but only now realize them for what they are. Sometimes I think my husband believes I have gone off the deep end, but when I remind him of past visions he has no answers. We have been together almost 22 years so he has experienced A LOT of my visions along side of me. He tries to explain them away as my sub-conscious making me think things, but I know it is much deeper. Yes, it is in my mind, but it is beyond any thought. It’s the remnants of my past practices giving me the knowledge I have today. I am not sure if I am channeling anyone yet, but finding the Order has made me excited to learn more.

    • Lori Camacho says:

      Hi Christine,

      Our ancestral roots call us early in our awakening. I was first called by witchcraft and then took a more metaphysical approach due to the scrutiny of witches and the simple fact that I wasn’t sure what I was dealing with back then. I don’t call myself a witch now, but essentially that is what I am.

      It’s important to educate yourself, read books and not talk to too many people about your path until you understand it more yourself. I’m 100 percent out as a spiritual person now but in the beginning I didn’t have all the words necessary to fully explain, nor did I need to when I was experiencing so much. Find others that resonate with your calling and take some classes. You’ll know if it’s more appropriate to call yourself witch or you will find an appropriate title. Right now, just learn. The rest will be history.

  • M says:

    Thank you for this article* I feel deeply connected to both. I was always connected to witches and have several past lives as a priestess in different cultures such as egypt and greece and later on in europe, mostly scotland. I felt a great connection with the Melissae too, the bee priestesses. I also have seen past lives, somewhere around the current UK, dancing around the fire with other women, a lot of drumming, so much freedom. I always felt druids had to be men but I now know that I have that within me as well. The connection to Nature is so deep. Sorry if I sound vague I’m just really taken by this realization. Lately I’ve been reading regarding european shamanism too and I wonder if you connect druids to a form of shamanism. Thank you again

    • Lori Camacho says:

      Yes all witchcraft and shamanism are the same thing. It is the foundation to all other religions and metaphysical practices. Different cultures just have different names. I’m glad you have that connection. I have always deeply had a connection to the druids.

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