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7 Steps to Deep Spiritual Healing & Finding Your Soul’s Unique Purpose

Below is a webinar I created with a training and orientation to our life-changing program the Sage Spiritual Foundation Course.  This is the foundation every metaphysician needs to heal, grow and develop their spirituality to an advanced level.


Sage Spiritual Foundation Course

This course is for you if you have already worked with beginning meditation but are now seeking more out of your practice or are ready to move into a more in-depth process.

Raina’s Sage Foundation Course begins your journey into the deep exploration of consciousness and is considered a necessary foundational study for those seeking the roots needed to ground their spiritual experiences and begin a path towards personal empowerment or professional metaphysical work.

“This is a journey into your higher self, the most important part of your spirit connection.” – Raina

Here, Raina guides you to the parts of self that need healing, love and connection. Learning to navigate these “part realities” helps tremendously with healing wholly and bringing consciousness into more advanced processes such as Clairvoyant sight, Channeling, Medium-ship and Healing.

The Sage Foundation program essentially creates a more conscious person that is ready to develop more advanced practices. This is a pre-requisite to the advanced programs.  You do not have to want to do this work professionally to participate in the Sage Foundation program. It is extremely beneficial towards enlightenment and personal growth.


What You Will Receive Inside The Sage Spiritual Foundation Course

Online, this is a self-paced course that can be done in 7 weeks but is a life-long tool that can be used over and over again. You will have lifetime access and can re-visit the course anytime in your account. I still do many of these meditations myself as my healing arises. 

A lifetime membership to Raina’s private Sage Alchemists Private Facebook Group where you can ask unlimited questions, receive healing, work with others on this path and be a part of a working global network of healers assisting each other and the planet.

Bi-weekly online Q&A with Lori and Raina right in the facebook group is also included where a majority of your processing of the work will go on. This bi-weekly group meets for 4 months at a time, takes a break, and then meets again for another 4 months.  You are invited back for this online group for life as this is a process.

Overview of What you Receive

  • A Self Paced Course that is downloaded in your account in 7 Weeks Time
  • Lifetime membership to our Sage Alchemists Private FB Community
  • Bi-weekly live Q&A Online with Lori and Raina forever 
  • Lifetime access to the Sage Spiritual Foundation Course
  • A lifetime Membership to a Working Global Community of Healers
  • BONUS! 30 minute awakening session with Lori & Raina

Please Select a Payment Plan:

[vcex_button url=”” layout=”expanded”]1 time Payment $999[/vcex_button]
[vcex_button url=”” layout=”expanded”]6 Months Plan/$200 per month[/vcex_button]