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Sage Clairvoyant Intuitive Development Course

Before Lori discovered Raina she was strictly a Clairvoyant. She did readings professionally for 4 years which developed the senses necessary to bring Raina in. Little did Lori know, she was being prepared for vocal channeling. Lori very much appreciates her intuitive sight and still uses it separate from her channeling when spirit calls for it.

This program further deepens the journey into Clairvoyant Seeing, psychic awareness and living intuitively. You will learn professional reading skills, have access to the forum to set up practice readings with other students and be a part of the monthly live Q&A with Lori online.

You will now begin to develop your “Clairs”. Clairvoyance, Clairsentience, Clairaudience, Clair cognizance. Raina will guide technique meditations that will help open and strengthen your psychic abilities. This will in turn open up your intuitive abilities and prepare you for more advanced practices such as spirit communication and channeling. This program is done at your own pace although we do recommend regular practice each week as the classes are released. This can be taken along side the Sage Foundational Program. Both assist each other in each program.

Meet other students in the forum to practice your skills. It can be done on the phone as well as in person if you find someone that lives close to you.

  • Taught by Lori and Raina
  • Clair building exercises
  • Specific Meditations for Intuitive Development
  • Private FB Membership
  • Online Live Q&A
  • Learn How to Do Readings For Others

Included with: Alchemist Membership  or Buy single Course HERE

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