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Alchemy of Menopause


A 30-minute discussion and 2 meditations are included in the Alchemy of Menopause bundle. One meditation is intended for the process of menopause or the Peri-menopause period that can last 8-10 years. This part of menopause is essential to healing and gathering the power of your spiritual gifts and growth. The second meditation is for the rite of passage that is called Menopause. Once you have gone 12 months without a moon cycle you are considered menopausal. Menopause is a closing of the womb as it was, and the transition of the womb to what it now holds: the continuous power of your intuition, spiritual gifts, talents, and acquired knowledge. This rite of passage allows you to hold what you have attained and continue to grow through spiritual knowledge directly given by spirit. You are also now considered an elder. Embrace your soul path and cross the threshold of this ancient goddess wisdom.

Included in Dreamer, Magician and Alchemist subscriptions.

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